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I apologize for not updating as regularly lately as I had said that I would.  I went to the Charleston, SC show this past weekend, and was unfortunately highly disappointed with the turnout of dealers and the lack of high end gem material, although I picked up several extremely nice mineral specimens for my personal collection.

On the upside, I will be attending the MASSIVE show in Franklin, NC this Thursday.  It is a wholesale only show, and requires proof of a resale tax license in the gem/jewelry trade for entrance into the show event.  In addition you have to get a wholesale dealer badge at the registration booth.  This has been beautifully arranged 🙂 …thank you… you know who you are!  This will be my first Franklin show, and I have heard great things about the event, which has a reputation of 3rd only to the international Tucson show event.

After the Franklin show I will be updating more frequently, and will finish my mini-series on ethics and appraising.

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